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0 comments | Friday, January 11, 2008

Well my girl Janet is everywhere! Check out her latest magazine cover in the new issue of Billboard Magazine. I'm so excited L.A. Reid and his staff at Island Def Jam are behind this project 100% and are giving 'Discipline' the publicity needed to be successful. You can read the entire article here courtesy of Brown Sista .

For those of you who didn't quite grasp the concept of the' Feedback' video, here is an explanation courtesy of loldarian.com affiliate WhatsTheT:

OK, here listen. It might seem “slow to you” because Saam(the director) doesn’t do complicated camera moves. You notice that the camera BARELY moves in this video. That’s because - as I said before - moving cameras make moving backgrounds. The fewer things that are moving on the screen, the easier it is to compress the image, because there are fewer pixels to “change” so you don’t have as blurry of a shot. Notice how often there are just quick cuts to a new angle and little if any rolling or tracking cameras. He’s a genius at new medium, and that’s why it will look really good in compressed form (youtube, dailymotion, yahoo...)

Second, the story. It’s not that hard. It’s Mario Galaxy meets Barbarella meets clash of Titans. Each of the Daft Punk androids rules one of the plants. Notice there are 9 people in the video. Counting Pluto, which I still do, how many planets are in our solar system? They are all climbing over their planets stalking each other. It’s a metaphor. Live with it.

Dancing = Battle.

They are fighting and Janet jumps down off of her planet into a place with a very viscous white fluid. Sure you can take the easy road to what it’s supposed to be, or just be more metaphorical and look at it as the soup in which the universe is formed. The breakdown is the final battle. They all fall in behind her, it’s about to go down.

Everyone’s planets start falling and crashing into the soup of life. Janet smashes (dances) until she breaks the last planet with her hand and all of the Daft Punk androids get sucked back into the soup of life. A new Janet is shot out of the soup - free of her constraints, free of her battle gear and begins to organize the spheres of light to her making - lining up the planets the way she wants them. When she gets them just right she thrusts the last one forward, releasing them in to the universe. Thousands of spheres that shoot out of the soup of life back into space.

She sees evil around her, decides to leave her planet behind to go and fight this evil and when she wins, she gets to create the Universe she wants to live in.


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