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1 comments | Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I have to share this experience that I had with dancer/choreographer Luam on this past Tuesday. For some reason my fire for dance has started to re-ignite(could it be that I'm so in love that I have to express myself?). As fate would have it I kinda pushed myself into an early retirement two years ago. It has been difficult to leave behind a part of my life that has defined who I am for so long, but I digress.

I got dressed for class and hopped on the seven train from Queens and headed down to Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan to take what I knew was going to be one of the hottest hip-hop classes I'd taken in a long time. I made my way to the front desk to pay for class($18.00 by the way!) and was told I'd just made the cut off, the studio was now filled to capacity. God I didn't realize how much I'd missed the funky smell of the studio and dozens of dancers lounging around with their best "I'm fierce, so don't talk to me face"! It had been a couple of months since I'd taken class so I had a lot to prove, mainly to myself and I did.

Dancing is just like riding a bike, no matter how long you're out of class you never forget how to retain and execute choreography.

I'd seen Luam's work on youtube and she was pure fire on video and magnified by 10 in person. She's danced and choreographed for Rhianna, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, and Joe Budden just to name a few. It was my intention to videotape the combination and post it for you guys to see, but that was before I read all of the huge signs across the studio prohibiting cameras. However, I do have one of my favorite videos of Luam's choreography below for you guys to check out. And if you've never seen me dance you can check me out here. Get into it! Thanks for class Luam!



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WOW!!!!!!!Did we use the L word!

August 16, 2007 12:03 PM


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