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0 comments | Sunday, August 12, 2007

Miss Jennifer Lopez is coming back with a brand new album titled "Brave" and the first single is called "Do It Well". This track is pure fire!!!!!!!! It has been on repeat constantly on my iPod since I discovered it online a few days ago. I have not been this excited about Jennifer's music since the J.LO album and that was back in early 2000. I forgave her a long time ago for that horrible album she wrote for Ben Affleck. What was the name of it...This Is Me or something?

I have not been able to find out who produced her new single, so if anyone knows please inform me. They deserve a lot of praise because we know Jenn is lacking on the vocals but she sounds great on this track. If the rest of her album is as good as this single I will be playing it throughout the rest of 07. If you haven't heard "Do It Well" then by all means click here . Enjoy!


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