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0 comments | Monday, February 05, 2007

In the aftermath of LOGO's cancellation of Noah's Arc it seems everyone from the actors, to the producers and of course the fans have had something to say, except one individual, the show's creator.

Well in a statement released to Queer Kid of Color, Patrick Ian- Polk speaks on the cancellation of his beloved series and the movie planned for 2008.

I'm disappointed that we're not doing a season 3 right now, but the idea of doing a feature film version is very exciting. I know a lot of the fans are skeptical about Logo's intentions and motives, but I can assure you that this movie is real. We've already started working hard on the preparation- I'm writing a fabulous script and we're planning a summer production shoot. And if all goes according to plan, the Noah's Arc movie will hit theatres around this time next year! So stay up- think good thoughts as we strive to take NOAH'S ARC to new heights in a new medium. You guys have been incredibly loyal and supportive during these first two seasons, and I hope you'll all continue with us on this journey to a movie theatre near you!

-Patrick Ian Polk

Noah's Arc on the big screen in the red states. I took my entire family to see Dreamgirls on Christmas day, now I can't wait to surprise them with tickets to see Noah's Arc. That'll be the day.



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