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0 comments | Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Every now and then when it comes to gay issues Oprah gets it right. On Monday's show she interviewed two men raising 7 adopted children in Texas. The title of the show was appropriately named "Fascinating Families" .

Unfortunately I've only had the chance to view a 2 minute clip of the show, so if anyone has it please feel free to e-mail me the video. I knew this particular show was going to be a big moment for the LGBT community becuase my inbox was flooded with e-mails from the HRC and other bloggers.

I miss the old Oprah format when she allowed audience members to ask questions during the show, I guess that is what the after show is for now. If people played nice during the presentation of this gay family, they sure didn't hold back on Oprah's message board. Read for yourself here .

I have to commend Oprah for being inclusive and recognizing that gay families exist. All parents have the same goal whether they are gay or straight, to provide a loving home for children to learn and mature into responsible adults.



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