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2 comments | Friday, November 10, 2006

With the success of Justin's Timberlake new album, the endless media coverage, and his upcoming tour, as a hardcore Janet fan I had to speak out about the forgotten presence of Justin Timber-Fake on that fateful day in Houston in 2004.

There is obviously a double standard when it comes to the infamous Super Bowl performance that could have ruined both of their careers, some people would say that Janet's career has been ruined if you look at the album sales for her last 2 projects. Even after a nationally televised apology she has yet to recover from the backlash following one of the best performances of her career that was sadly upstaged by the wardrobe malfunction.

On the other hand, Justin Timberlake has been easily forgiven and almost escaped all of the scrutiny that followed the performance. The first sign that Justin had no backbone was immediately following the incident when he should have come to Janet's aide and supported her, instead he did what he had to do to protect his career and allowed his personal integrity and loyalty to his friend to take a back seat.

He reminds me of a black R&B singer in white face. There was a time when record companies worked to give their "Negro"
artists crossover appeal to white audiences, now Justin is on heavy rotation on BET, MTV, and urban radio and I have to wonder if his team strategized around appealing his music to ethnic audiences.

I give his production team( i.e. Timbaland & Pharell) more credit for the sound Justin displays post NSYNC, he obviously identifies with Black music along with a long list of White artists who have copied the Black sound over the years.

But why has he been granted a "continue with your career card" and Janet has been deemed a flop an irrelevant?

I won't even get into Janet's achievements over the past 2 decades, no matter how you feel about her talent I think it goes without saying she's an icon that has secured her place in music history. Today's artists dream about experiencing the kind of success Janet has had for the past 20 years.

Where will Justin be 20 years from now? How many lives will he touch or change for the better as a result of his music?

It's one sick double standard if you ask me, but as long as his beats are hot we will continue to watch his anglo twist on a minstrel show. I'd much rather support Usher.



<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Before you read this comment please keep in mind that I did buy Janet’s CD but not Justin’s.

I just don’t get all the JT hating??? It seems like sour grapes. The kid got some good solid current producers and he has a very fresh sound. Janet is a legend and made a very good CD for her fans but was it good enough to bring in new fans?

Should so many bloggers and Janet fans be attacking the system for keeping her down and letting this white kid sell so well? Or should we look at what it takes as a female artist in the US to sell music. Janet, JT and her team designed the super bowl event to attract attention. Madonna kissed Brittany for the same reason. Pop stars have been trying to push the envelope forever and they always will. More to the point aging pop stars will always try to attach themselves to the new hot younger person to link themselves to youth.

I think the miss step was that when you act out sexual violence against women you have the same reaction from people as real violence against women. The man gets away with it while the woman is seen as a whore. That the fact that the act was pre-meditated by both parties compounds the misogynistic reaction by the masses. I enjoy Janets CD but I wish she felt she had the freedom to grow as an artist. I would love to hear her really grow and connect to her audience. I would love to see Janet follow other brave female artists who have changed their sound and taken their fans on an artistic journey. The last time I can recall a real shift in her sound was “Again”. I am sure Darian will delete this comment as blasphemy cuz I know he worships every “Oh are you recording this??” that Janet utters.

November 11, 2006 2:41 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

The end of my comment got cut off…………….

Anyway, I hope that didn’t sound to harsh but I have seen so many people attacking this kid who seems to have a good album. I just wanna say pop in your Janet CD and get over it. Why cant people like both artists and both CD’s? Can’t we stop the hate?

Love you Darian, and your blog too.

Much Love,
Steven Blank

--and if you disagree with me please post a damn comment!!! That’s what blogs are for..Duh!

November 11, 2006 2:48 AM


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