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1 comments | Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Democrats may have taken over the House but gay bashing at the polls reigned supreme in Republican fashion in three states.

Voters in South Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin all voted to sign discrimination into their state constitution banning the possibility of marriage to comitted same sex couples . I can't say that I'm surprised, but you always hope that compassion and common sense would overule fear and ignorance.

Last I checked the constitution was put in place to expand the rights of Americans, not deprive them of rights, especially the right that's afforded to every other American.

When same -sex marriage was upheld in Massachusetts the Republican party told us that gay marriage would hurt the children and threaten traditional marriage. Well I don't have any kids (yet) but I do have cousins that are in grade school and they're lives have not been affected, and the state of traditional marriage is still the same, married one day and divorced the next.

Are gay people the last minority it's ok to hate in this country? I know in my lifetime the acceptable climate of discrimination towards gays in America will change. I just hope it will be sooner than later.



<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Just because the affects are not immediately evident now, they do exist. Gay marriage will harm us, far more than we may think or realize at this point.

November 10, 2006 11:28 AM


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