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0 comments | Thursday, October 07, 2010

This video has made my day. I dare you to watch it and not get all fuzzy inside.

Atlanta based openly gay artist and loldarian.com favorite Anye' Elite has just released the video for his new single 'Exclusively' and there's no shortage of affirming SGL images. The video for the mid-tempo groove was shot in Atlanta's beautiful Piedmont Park and features Elite along with his handsome love interest Troy during a date in the park.

"The video was inspired by Noah's Arc," Elite tells the series creator Patrik-Ian Polk via Twitter who was gracious enough to re-tweet the video in support. "The video even has it's own "Alex" in the beginning, adds Elite.

In a media market saturated with affirming images of white gays and lesbians it's a wonderful feeling to see images that reflect the experience of LGBT people of color.

Virtual hand claps to Anye' Elite and everyone involved in this project. And a special thanks for my favorite lyric from the song:

"They say boys and boys...they ain't supposed to... fall in love but look at us we do."

Get into the video below and check out Anye' Elite live at Atlanta Pride this weekend.


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