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0 comments | Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There's an onslaught of videos and articles being published daily on the Bishop Eddie Long saga that it's almost impossible to keep up. But just in case you missed Bishop Carlton Pearson's riveting interview with CNN's Kyra Phillips we have it posted here for you to watch.

You may recall Pearson being ousted from the Pentecostal church, a movement in which he was one of the modern forefathers after embracing what he calls the 'gospel of inclusion' which embraces LGBT individuals into the body of Christ, challenges traditional conservative theology, and denounces the threat of God's plan to have his children burn in hell for eternity.

Pearson tells CNN's Phillips about his change of heart towards LGBT's and his personal theology: "I got tired of sending them to hell. It was the hell issue…they're going through it now. These brilliant human beings spending eternity in a customized torture chamber…it messed with my theology and my heart", says Pearson.

"The devotion to the devil and hell is as strong as their devotion to Jesus in the Christian church", Pearson added.

In one of the most authentic and revealing moments(and there were many) Pearson was asked by Phillips why homosexuality is so taboo in the black community and he had this to say in jest: "That's for white folks, ya'll supposed to do all that stuff. We're real men."

Although Pearson was being comical his response is a sad reality of the pervasive attitudes of many in the black community who believe homosexuality is "un-African" and has been imposed on black men by the dominant white culture. SMDH.

Watch Pearson's heartfelt and spot-on interview below:


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