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1 comments | Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is beyond hot! Get ready to turn up the volume on your speakers and reminisce about a time when house and disco music was the soundtrack to your gay club experience; and openly gay singer Sylvester wailed high notes in his signature falsetto that sent club goers into a spiritual frenzy of dance floor ecstasy.

The man re-introducing this sound to a new generation of kids is the musical genius and former gospel sensation Tonex' who now calls himself Brian Slade. 'Get Over You' is one of several tracks that appears on Slade's 'Dawn of The Unicorn' mixtape available on iTunes. Slade has been kind enough to share material from the mix-tape exclusively with loldarian.com.

You may recall watching our exclusive interview with Tonex' last year during his coming out and the fallout from the black church because of his decision.

'Get Over You' showcases a side of Tonex' that many have never seen before, his alter ego Brian Slade, who I happen to believe was there the entire time lurking under the surface.

Slade rocks a beautiful straight perm and flirts with the camera behind a backdrop of pulsating beats infused with clips from the gay classic Paris Is Burning. His comfortability factor with his feminine side and his sexuality is on full display and Slade seems to revel in it. It's enough to make his (closeted) colleagues in the gospel music industry uneasy and green with envy at the same time.

"I was definitely trying to make Sylvester proud with this video. I've never felt so free", Slade tells loldarian.com. A source tells loldarian.com that Slade has been cast to star as Sylvester in an upcoming film based on the late singers life.

Get into the video below! Download 'Going Away' a new track from his new mixtape A Brilliant Catastrophe out October 1 here.


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Yassssssssssssssssss! I have to blog about this.

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