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1 comments | Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photos: WhatsTheT.com

Who could forget the "former homosexual" and mother of the house of Cavalli turned pastor that took the internet by storm a few weeks ago.

LGBT internet radio hosts Sir Daniel and Drama Dupree managed to nab an in-depth interview with Pastor Ja'von Crockett on their newly re-vamped show on Beehive FM Radio. Crockett's interview with a local Atlanta Christian television show went viral after he proclaimed to be "free from the homosexual lifestyle."

During his interview on Better Days Radio Crockett comes off as a spokesperson for the anti-gay religious right, asserting that "the lifestyle" is filled with drugs, partying till dawn, and promiscuous sex. Crockett says his fear of dying from AIDS was one of the main motivating factors to change his sexual orientation. Yeah, because we all know heterosexuals aren't infected with HIV. Thankfully Sir Daniel doesn't let Crockett get away with spreading misinformation and challenges him directly.

Crockett's interview begins at the 1:10:39 mark in the clip below:


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This man is a mess

February 21, 2011 5:17 PM


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