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0 comments | Friday, February 11, 2011

There's no escaping the "born this way" mantra today. I've always believed this to be the case regarding sexual orientation but quite a few talented people are stepping up musically to send the message to the masses.

Lady Gaga's new single may be the talk of the industry today, but Valentino, Carl Bean, and even legendary musical couple Ashford and Simpson did it before her.

Theater performer and friend Timothy Ware tips loldarian.com to La Cage' Aux Folles star Terry Lavell's version of "Born This Way" penned by Ashford and Simpson.

The fierce Lavell delivers a soulful performance of the liberating song in his signature upper register while defying the rigid expectations of male gender conformity.

He sings- "I used to sneak and wear momma's high heels...I remember to this day how they made me feel. They said my voice was too high...I should act like a man and don't cry...but I'm tired of hiding what I'm all about...forgive me if I wanna shout it out!"

Yes! I live!

Valerie Simpson accompanies Lavell on keyboard and can be seen in the video as well as Nick Ashford cheering on all the fierceness.

Get into Terry Lavell's "Born This Way" below:


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