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0 comments | Friday, February 04, 2011

"He must learn to love himself. He must be proud of who he is. He must live an authentic life. And if others cannot accept him then he must accept himself and demand the respect he should have."- Jeffery Gardere

Depression is a serious issue that many of us in the Black LGBT community deal with silently. After receiving numerous e-mails from readers dealing with this issue following a previous post I wanted to continue to shed light on this topic.

New York based author Antoine Craigwell is the driving force behind the forthcoming book Peering Into The Dark: A Look At Depression in Black Gay Men and the documentary You Are Not Alone.

"As a resource, it is to assist Black gay men struggling with the many different issues, including racism, discrimination, bigotry, stigma, sexual identity, sexual abuse, ostracism, and homophobia, to name a few; to know they are not alone and that they could rise above their circumstances," says Craigwell.

It seeks to give voice to the many Black gay men who live in pain and suffer in silence, and enables many Black gay men to know they are not alone and are stronger when they reach out for help - trusting, talking with someone, even a therapist," he adds.

The trailer for You Are Not Alone has been released and you may recognize quite a few familiar faces active on the NY gay political and entertainment scene; blogger and author Taylor Siluwe', radio show host DJ Baker (Da Doo Dirty Show), and community activist Carnell Ambrose all share their experiences with depression.

Watch the trailer below:

h/t NoMoreDownLowTv


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