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| Tuesday, January 25, 2011

College student and emerging fashion designer Brandon Lee has a message to spread and he's using his new t-shirt line 1028 by Brandon Lee to get it out. The term shade is frequently used and thrown around by gay men so Lee expects this particular tee in his line to resonate within the community.

"1028 by Brandon Lee was founded on the idea of taking a normal t-shirt, and turning it into a piece of art. 1028 tees will be messages to many different people. We are all impacted and influenced by the world around us, and through my collections I hope that my love for fashion, design, and people will be translated through them."

Loldarian.com thanks Brandon for sending over a No Shade tee which we're currently rocking.

To learn more about 1028 by Brandon Lee and to order your own No Shade tee click HERE.