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8 comments | Thursday, January 28, 2010

You've got to see this one.

In a week where disgraced Rev. Ted Haggard appeared on Oprah to announce that he no longer has same-sex desires and has been completely cured of "the gay" loldarian.com comes across this asinine two-part interview by relatively unknown Christian artist and "ex-gay"J-Elijah from an appearance on the Jamaican broadcast "Smile Jamaica". Yep, you read right. Another delusional American "ex-gay" contributing to Jamaica's already violently homophobic culture.

The Brooklyn, NY resident and Howard University theater alum puts his degree to use in this interview because as far as I can tell it's all an act.

J-Elijah claims to be cured of his homosexuality but readily admits that he still finds men attractive. Uh huh...I'm sure he does.

And if you haven't heard for a while how your sexual orientation is a result of a birth defect, overbearing mother, absent father, or childhood molestation then J-Elijah reminds you because it's clear (at least to him) that God doesn't birth homosexuals.

Well God made you J-Elijah.


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

argh. i can't with this foolishness. i would say bless his heart, but think there should be something beyond it. i just don't know what to say about this.

January 28, 2010 11:25 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

I kind of stopped at "I haven't had sex in 10 years"

January 28, 2010 11:47 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

I stand by my assertion that this ex-gay thing is more about pleasing man than it is about pleasing God. Because you can lie, hide, "change", and be whoever you want to be in front of us. But you can't deceive God. I know that we can all choose to repress our homosexual thoughts, feelings, and urges. But history has shown us that at some point the issue will resurface and bring you full circle right back to square one. It’s sad to see so many people struggle so hard with this. Sometime I really wish that it was a choice that could be turned off and totally discarded because it obviously torments a lot of people and has deeper social affects on the surrounding community.

January 28, 2010 11:53 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

His name is J'Elijah. Enough said. Mama cursed him from birth with that name. That apostrophe is EVERYTHING!

January 28, 2010 12:50 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Christianity is so divisive and Christians are so stupid when they misinterprets God's plan. Although J is an attractive guy he's gotten ugly with his narrow-minded views on homosexuality. But I did love his diva rap at the end! It would have been a icing on the cake if he had kicked one let up in the air and came down folded over the other one as he twisted is ass towards the camera. Then took one arm and moved it around in a circle, gave two snaps, twisted his head back in a quick snap, got up and done a runway walk-off, camera right!

January 29, 2010 12:51 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

chile please dont no man chose to obstain from sex for ten year, especially an attractive man, what ever, he is sexing and he is sexing men, he is a liar, and he needs to stop fooling himself cuz he aint fooling me,

cleon your statement was hilarious

January 29, 2010 2:54 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

LMAO.....why is it that straight black people think that gay men can't lay with a woman and procreate? It's happening every day. To any straight folks who may read this, they call it DL, you know, those black men who you straight people shame so bad and make them feel so bad about who they are that they will lay up with a woman and have children just to appease you.

He should team up with Donnie M. They both seem like they're in a deep struggle and trying to convince themselves that they're straight.

January 29, 2010 5:48 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

this is all bullshit man..im gay and proud..and i would really like to develop a relationship with God but i can't because of bullshit like this..ex homosexuals likE Elijah contridict themselves they say they're not gay or bi anymore but they still have the desires? which proves that being gay has something to do with genetics, IT WONT GO AWAY..all he is doing is not having sex with men, he still has the desire but he's choosing not to have sex with men wtf that still makes u GAY!!!!

February 03, 2010 1:37 PM


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