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0 comments | Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At the end of every season of American Idol I vow never to watch again and I was serious about this promise I made to myself after Adam Lambert was robbed of the title last season, but then contestants like Jermaine Sellers and Andrew Garcia continue to reel me back in.

Garcia's rendition of the Maroon 5 hit "Sunday Morning" on last night's audition episode from Los Angeles was arguably one of the best.

A 23 year-old father from Monreno Valley, CA, Garcia's rough upbringing surrounded by gang activity in Compton, California and the music he used as an escape provides the backdrop for an inspiring story that will no doubt resonate with viewers.

If you're an Idol fan then Andrew Garcia is definitely one to watch this season. Get into his audition in the video below:


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