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10 comments | Friday, July 10, 2009

There's not a lot I have to say in the body of this post since I think the images speak for themselves. Every now and then I like to profile black gay couples who are loving each other despite public opinion leading many to believe that we are not interested in committed relationships or specifically committed relationships with other black men.

Many of these couples I know personally and some I do not. Regardless, they inspire me, especially the Atlanta couple who has been together for over 35 years.

Enjoy the pics and my song of the moment "When Love Takes Over" by Kelly Rowland in the link below.

Kelly Rowland: When Love Takes Over


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

beautiful images, and i love that song!

July 10, 2009 11:31 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

This is what I'm talking about! I will have a pic to share like that is my prayer. Blessings to all those beautiful Black male couples that are loving and thriving together despite the odds. May more of us find supportive,loving, and sustainable relationships.

July 10, 2009 11:41 AM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...


July 10, 2009 12:16 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Abosolutely beautiful! I remember a time when Darian featured me and my boo in an article similar to this one. Although that loves has washed up creek, it is good to know that love between to Black SGL couples still do exist. In our search to position outselves at the right place and the right time to receive Gods love manifested through a lover, may we all have stregnth to better ourselves and prep ourselves so that when that special someone arrives, we will be more than ready. Love and happiness to all! XOXOXOXO!

July 10, 2009 12:35 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Absolutely marvelous. I hope those couples are genuinely happy.

July 10, 2009 1:57 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Beautiful... it gives me hope that I would find my bo

July 10, 2009 7:52 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

tears flowing darian...i could see captions like that everyday.its such a beautiful sight to see

July 10, 2009 9:32 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

I love my black gay couples. :)

July 11, 2009 3:09 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Darian i love it! man i wish i'd got me and my boyfriend in there...year and seven months and HAPPILY counting...so thank u for the post, u just gave me the most brillant idea so when u see it pop up again, lol, know i'll give u full credit! tk (twitter: @KiyoRay)

July 12, 2009 11:06 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Where is my man... I want a love of my own...

July 19, 2009 2:02 PM


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