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1 comments | Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The tributes continue to pour in for the late Michael Jackson. Friend and composer Siedah Garrett turned in one of the most moving tributes to Jackson in a recent performance of 'Man In The Mirror' at the Los Angeles Based Agape International Spiritual Center. Agape, under the leadership of Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith boasts a multi-cultural and LGBT affirming congregation that is recognized worldwide.

Garrett along with composer Glen Ballard created the standout anthem from Jackson's 1987 Bad album. Man In The Mirror is performed by Garrett along with the Agape International Choir. She notes:

"I was asked by CNN, Entertainment Tonight, MSNBC, Hollywood Tonight, EXTRA, all of these news media...they want me to talk about Michael. And I'm thinking;nobody was asking me to talk about Michael on Tuesday...nobody was asking me to talk about Michael on Wednesday. And now everyone wants to hear whatever dirt I have to offer, to feed into this media madness...I have nothing to offer. I don't know anything about his personal life but I know his music touched me".

Get into Siedha Garret's moving tribute in the video below.


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