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1 comments | Friday, June 12, 2009

Vote! Living Out Loud with Darian Nominated for Best Gay Blog: Best Of Gay Atlanta

The second phase of voting in Southern Voice's Best of Gay Atlanta has begun and Living Out Loud with Darian is nominated in the Best Gay Blog Category! You may vote once a day until July 1st. Click here to get your vote on!

Loldarian.com also recommends the following:

Non-Profit: AID Atlanta

Best Local LGBT Author / Poet: Christopher Beckwith & Yolo Akili

Best Up-And-Coming Activist: Michael Brewer

Second Sunday Atlanta Presents: 100 Most Influential Black Gay Men In Atlanta

There are Black Gay Men all over the city who never intersect or meet one another, yet their influence has a way of transforming our life. Send us an email with the following information (please copy and paste to email us at 100project@secondsundayatlanta.org):

1)Name of Black Gay Male who you feel is influential 2)Are they out and open about their sexual identity 3)Your contact information 4)Their contact information 5)How you define them as influential

D.C. Panel Hears Arguments On Gay Marriage Referendum

The battle over same-sex marriage in the District moved to the city election board yesterday as supporters and opponents packed into a hearing room to debate whether the city should put the issue on the ballot. The battle over same-sex marriage pits a coalition of largely African American ministers against the city's politically active gay community.

Californians Protest HIV Drug Cuts

Pat Robertson: Abuse By A "Coach" Or "Guidance Counselor" Or "Other Male Figure" "Made" Many Homosexual

Adam Lambert:" I'm Gay"

Miss California Carrie Prejean Fired

Chastity Bono To Transition from Female To Male

Lava Hot Springs In Hot Water For Not Giving Same Sex Couple A Family Pass

DJ Baker Interviews Author James Earl Hardy

The B-Boy Blues author talks about his career, same gender loving vs. gay, the highly anticipated B-Boy Blues film, and the accusations that he's anti-white. Get into this interview!

Solange Knowles: "Sometimes I Wish I Was Gay"

Solange recently announced via Twitter that she will be present at San Francisco Pride in a rainbow catsuit with a rainbow flag in hand. When followers mistakenly took her announcement to mean she was coming out of the closet, Solange cleared it up by saying, “sometimes I wish I was. Gays seem to have alllllllllllll the fucking fun!”

Isa Rahman by Joseph Bleu


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

solange is so funny lol and darian you deserve the award and i just wanna say thank you for never being ashamed to represent us black gay men in a positive light

June 12, 2009 5:38 PM


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