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1 comments | Thursday, June 11, 2009

Broadway star, recording artist, and loldarian.com favorite Chester Gregory gave fans a free concert last night on the upper west side of Manhattan as apart of the Barnes & Noble "Any Wednesday" performance series held each week at the Lincoln Center location.

New York theater audiences have become familiar with Gregory's amazing tenor in musical theater productions such as The Jackie WIlson Story, Hairspray, Tarzan, Cry Baby, and most recently as "Donkey" in Shrek. Earlier this year Gregory branched out into the recording industry by releasing the independent album "In Search of High Love", a departure from the showtunes fans have become accustomed to hearing this powerhouse vocalist croon, yet more of the smooth vocals and amazing falsetto that made them fall in love with him in the beginning.

Loldarian.com had the pleasure of experiencing Gregory's amazing set last night in New York City and as always he brought down the house. If you've never experienced the talent of Chester Gregory then I urge you to check out his website and the video below from last night's show.

Be sure to show Chester Gregory some love in the comment section. He's also an loldarian.com reader.

Thanks Ra-Fael Blanco/ 2R's Entertainment & Media Inc.


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