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| Friday, June 19, 2009

For those of you who make Living Out Loud with Darian apart of your daily blog reading allow me to extend my sincere gratitude. I've been writing this blog for over three years now and it's truly a labor of love. You may have noticed that there are days when there are multiple posts throughout the day and other times when I'm only able to update every other day. I take pride in the content found on this site and believe in quality over quantity.

There is only one person steering this ship, no assistants or ghostwriters. In addition to writing this blog I also maintain a full time day job, in a perfect world blogging would pay the bills. Not to forget working to make sure my partner is not neglected by the hours I spend away from home traveling and in front of my computer.

It's all one huge balancing act that I gladly embrace, but I'm realizing that I'm human and it's only so much the human body can take before it inevitably burns out.

So going forward I've vowed to listen to my body, slow down, and sleep more. This weekend will be a time to rest, but everyday next week I'll be Living Out Loud, let's do it together. Until Monday...