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0 comments | Thursday, April 02, 2009

I get a lot of requests from publicists and music labels to help promote their artists to the gay community on this blog and often times I decline because I'm not into supporting artists who don't support our community. With that being said I'm comfortable introducing you to new music by three amazing artists, two of which I've met, Trey Songz and Chester Gregory. Trey also provides some much needed eye candy! RICHGIRL is a dynamic new group from super producer Rich Harrison who's production put Amerie on the map.

Trey Songz is back with a hot new single and video titled Brand New from his forthcoming album "Ready". This brotha is the truth! Sexy, talented, and one of the nicest guys I've ever met in the industry. Get into his brand new video below.

Very few Broadway performers can make the transition from the world of musical theater into a successful recording career, but Chester Gregory just may be the exception. Gregory's soulful R&B sound is music to the ears and a much needed escape from the monotony currently heard on radio. You can listen to the entire album on BET.com and my favorite track High Love here.

I don't even think ya'll are ready for this one. Many thanks to Gyant over at SOHH for bringing the ladies of RICHGIRL to my attention.

From Gyantscoop-

Rich Harrison, known for his hit records "Crazy in Love" Beyonce, "Soldier" Destiny Child," "One Thing" Amerie, & many more is here to introduce the world to the new definition of a "Richgirl". Richcraft Records, Rich Harrison's label, presents a new era with his new four-member girl group: Richgirl. In this case the word "Rich" does not refer to material items, but rather a certain attitude and confidence, combined with individuality and talent that any girl might possess, each in their own way.

Richgirl consists of four multi-talented young women, who reign from different parts of the country. All have different backgrounds and experiences, but each has the same passion and love for creativity, expression, music and entertainment which has brought them together.

Get into the new club banger "He Ain't Wit Me Now Tho" below. This is definitely one for the iPod folks!


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