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0 comments | Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Unapologetically fem and unapologetically fierce! Loldarian favorite HX Magazine profiles the amazingly talented Jonte' in their latest issue. You may not be familiar with the name or face of this New York dancer/choreographer but you've seen his work. His signature urban fem dance style caught the eye of singer Beyonce Knowles and he was quickly snatched up to choreograph her Freakum Dress video as well as select numbers on her last tour The Beyonce Experience.

Jonte' also backed up another famous diva during one of the most controversial performances in history, the 2004 Super Bowl with Janet Jackson. He's now venturing in to music and is taking the club scene by storm.

HX chats with the well known NY performance artist about everything from his humble beginnings, to the real tea on Beyonce, and which male entertainer he'd most like to give a Jonte' makeover.

HX: If you could give any artist a Jontè makeover, who would it be?

Jonte': Chris Brown.

HX: Jontè! Well, you brought him up. Keep dishing!

Jonte:My friends told me he was on tour trying to do a dip recently. And I was like, “Oh, he wants to be cunt now?” I guess he’s coming for Rihanna.

I auditioned for dance jobs along with Jonte' in the past during his brief period in L.A. and one thing that I always loved about him is that he never sacrificed his authenticity to book jobs, when all of the other gay male dancers showed up in their "thug drag" Jonte showed up in heels and worked the room ova!

Get into Jonte' performing "Make Up" live at Webster Hall below.


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