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| Friday, March 20, 2009

The world lost an amazing author and activist in Shelton Jackson when he transitioned on March 2, 2009. His death was a grim reminder that HIV/AIDS is still a life threatening disease. After his passing I begun to receive numerous e-mails from people who couldn't understand why people were still dying when life-saving medications are now available and many people are living longer.

In 2009 HIV/AIDS is a black disease with black gay men and black women being hit the hardest. Our complacency and overall silence regarding this disease has resulted in devastating effects.

Over the next few weeks loldarian.com will profile the lives of 6 courageous black gay and latino men of various ages and backgrounds who are living and thriving with HIV. It is my hope that their stories will educate, inspire, and give hope to those who are living with HIV/AIDS as well as those who are negative and are working hard to remain so.

If we're not INFECTED we're AFFECTED.

For more info on HIV/AIDS or to find a testing center near you click here.