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| Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"The revolution will not keep you in your closets of fear, shame, and self-loathing. The revolution will not keep you in your closets of hate, bigotry, and pompous to believe that your way of thinking is the only way. The revolution will not allow your closet of not-so shocking homophobia to exist in your house of immobile."

- a verse from The Revolution Will Not Be E-Mailed by independent gay artist Anthony Antoine's ninth studio album "Who's Rockin Your iPod"

Atlanta resident and openly gay independent artist Anthony Antoine returns to the music scene with his latest musical effort, "Who's Rockin Your iPod?" and manages to incorporate what he describes as "two strong energies within me; activism and freakā€ .

Those of you who may be familiar with Antoine's previous work may be aware of his leaning towards socially and politically charged lyrics, expect some of the same from his new release but also be prepared to be pleasantly surprised by his incessant need to dance. And there's plenty of dance music to keep the kids twirling on the dance floor all night long.

Beginning with the title track (iPOD), a banging house joint called 'I Got A Girlfriend", and a sexy remake of Janet Jackson's "IF". This project gets the loldarian.com SGL stamp of approval.

Check out a behind the scenes video of the making of Who's Rockin Your Ipod? shot on location in the ATL below. And to pick up Antoine's CD just click here.