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| Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are you tired of failed relationships? Tired of being lonely? Have you bought into the lie that same gender relationships between men of color don't last? Are you determined to enter into a meaningful relationship in 2009? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you might want to pick up "Grand Prize, Lookin For A Winner!" by Atlanta author Cleon T. Day III.

Day, a self-proclaimed dating expert has written a practical dating & relationship guide specifically for gay men of color. The book is filled with helpful common sense techniques that you'd think most couples would apply in order to maintain a healthy relationship, but it's these important techniques that often go unused that ultimately leads to the end of potentially successful relationships.

With chapters delving into dating etiquette,long distance relationships, chemistry, compatibility, red flags, monogamy, and Polisivity- a term coined by Day himself to describe a different take on monogamy between a group of brothas committed to one another exclusively. Yeah you read right...a group!:)

Grand Prize, Lookin For A Winner may be just the guide you need to jump start your dating experience in 2009.

You can purchase a copy on the official website here.

And if you're in Atlanta on Valentine's Day you can meet the author and possibly your future mate at the event below.

CTD III ENTERPRISES, LLC presents "Will You Be Mine This Time Grand Prize Parti!" The first annual official Grand Prize Party as written in Grand Prize Lookin' For A Winner a Dating/Relationship Guide for Gay Men of Color. This event is strictly for single Gay brothas who are interested in meeting other single Same-gender Loving brothas who are relationship-oriented. You must be at least 18 years of age.

Grand Prize Lookin' For A Winner a Dating/Relationship Guide for Gay Men of Color will be on sale at the event.

Fee: $15.00

Your ticket price includes:


Complimentary drinks & hor'dourves

Karaoke Contest with a Black twist

Free T-flirtery

Entries for door prizes.

Participant in adult games

An opportunity to meet men of substance without fear of rejection*

*Of course you have to determine a man's integrity.

"You might not want to be in a clique to be approachable"

Contact Cleon T. Day via his website for additional info.