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| Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meet JD from The Real World Brooklyn

The Real World is returning to MTV for it's 21st season and the seven strangers have been picked to live in a house in Brooklyn. It looks like the producers are going back to the original formula when they relied on interesting people to sell the show versus countless hot tub sessions. This year the cast includes a 22 year old dolphin trainer named JD who also happens to be a latino and openly gay, along with a transgender roommate named Katelynn.

The show premieres on January 7th at 10 PM. Watch the trailer here.

Gay and bisexual black men lag behind others in prostate cancer screening

Among all racial and ethnic groups and regardless of sexual orientation, African American men are least likely to get tested for prostate cancer. Prostate-specific antigen tests among gay and bisexual African American men were done 12% to 14% less than among heterosexual African Americans and 15% to 28% less than gay and bisexual white men. This is especially important considering African American men have significantly higher prostate cancer rates than white men.

Herndon Davis: Why Blacks Should Support Gay Marriage

Columnist Herndon Davis gives 5 reasons why blacks should support gay marriage in an op-ed for BET News.com. Click on the above link to read the piece in it's entirety.

Ethiopia wants to teach gays a lesson

Religious leaders, representing various denominations in Ethiopia gathered Monday in the country’s capital of Addis Ababa to urge the country’s lawmakers to constitutionally ban being gay.Almost a dozen clerics said outlawing being gay simply wasn’t enough. Current Ethiopian law forbids gay sex and prescribes a six month jail sentence as punishment, but the constitution never mentions the issue.

Defending their case, the religious leaders said being gay is “the pinnacle of immorality” and stated gays were responsible for an increase in sexual attacks on boys and young men.

Study: Tolerance Can Lower Gay Kids' Suicide Risk

Gay, lesbian and bisexual teens and young adults have one of the highest rates of suicide attempts — and some other health and mental health problems, including substance abuse. A new study suggests that parental acceptance, and even neutrality, with regard to a child's sexual orientation could have a big impact in reducing this rate.

Protest: Defense of Marriage Act/Join The Impact

NY Times Op-Ed: You're Likable Enough, Gay People
by Frank Rich

This is a must read! I highly recommend that you take five minutes out of your day to get into this masterfully crafted piece by columnist Frank Rich.

RuPaul: Doing Double Duty -- With The Obamas

I'm sure many of you have seen this amazing photo of the legendary RuPaul as Barack and Michelle Obama since it's been floating around the net for a couple of weeks. RuPaul is so fierce in this photo I couldn't resist posting it. So who rocked the dress better, Michelle or Ru?:) Be sure to check out RuPaul in his new drag competition appropriately titled Drag Race on Logo in February.