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0 comments | Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Contrary to popular belief that the black community is more homophobic than others and will be a formidable force in passing Proposition 8, the proposed amendment that would eliminate the civil right of same-sex couples to legally wed in California, a different story involving blacks and gay marriage surfaces out of the Golden State.

(from GBM News)

On Thursday August 21 from 6– 8:00pm, the newly formed public education group on same-sex marriage And Marriage For All (AM4A) will kick off its campaign to reach out to African-American communities throughout Northern California by hosting a panel discussion on the right to marry for same-sex couples. The panel will include African-American clergy, community leaders, elected officials and legal advocates, and will be held at First Congregational Church of Oakland at 2501 Harrison St.

“If you believe the majority of media portraits, you’d think that same-sex marriage is primarily an issue for middle to upper middle class, gay white folks” says Andrea Shorter, campaign director for AM4A. “The absence of diverse images and voices talking about this most fundamental right can make some people wrongly believe that the freedom to marry doesn't concern the African-American community. Of course, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Loving, committed, same-sex couples from many different backgrounds are all involved in the work required to secure the benefits of civil marriage for everyone in our community.”

Given the California Supreme Court’s recent decision legalizing same-sex marriage, Shorter and her fellow AM4A organizers believe that the time is right for this campaign. “The law clearly provides for the right to marriage for everyone, including committed, same-sex couples,” says Shorter. “Thankfully, there are many supportive clergy and faith leaders, respected community leaders, elected officials, and strong family allies within the African-American community who value inclusion, stand with these couples, and stand firmly against all forms of discrimination."

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