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0 comments | Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented singer/actor Chester Gregory over a year ago through a mutual friend and I've followed his career ever since. Many New Yorkers may remember Chester as Seaweed in the cast of Hairspray and more recently as Terk in Tarzan. He has a beautiful tenor voice that can bring down any Broadway house, not to mention the good looks and charisma to make any woman or man swoon. Usually when you find a performer that is in demand like Chester, you usually run into a huge ego as well. But Chester is both talented, a wonderful father, and an all around nice guy.

Chester recently appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in a sketch about the fallen gay senator Larry Craig appropriately titled "Trapped In The Closet". It's definitely worth watching, get into it here .

If you're tired of the crap we're being subjected to on the radio and MTV then I urge you to get into Chester's music, you won't be disappointed. Check out his myspace page to listen to his music or the clip below.


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