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1 comments | Monday, September 03, 2007

Do you guys remember the black gay tv show that many of us tuned in to watch on LOGO on a weekly basis called Noah's Arc? You remember the show that was cancelled abruptly after two seasons despite it being one of the most popular shows on the network...yeah that one. LOGO quietly announced in January that the show would not be returning by soothing the anger of black gay men everywhere by promising to transition the series into a major motion picture due in 2008.

I wrote about my disappointment with LOGO and the promise of a film that would most likely never see the light of day shortly after the announcement and today my feelings have not changed, especially after reading a blog written by Jensen Atwood . According to Jensen the crew is scheduled to go into production this month but he still has not been approached to reprise his role as Wade, instead actor Shemar Moore is rumored to be playing the role that put Jensen on the map. Read it for yourself here .

Other actors have been said to be in contract disputes therefore stalling production. I hate to be the pessimist,(in this case actually I don't ) but until I see a script and some behind the scenes video footage I'm not believing for one second that the production of this film is a reality. Hopefully those die hard Noah's Arc fans aren't holding their breath for this Patrick Ian- Polk baby to be born because they will surely be disappointed. Now maybe I'm wrong, but my gut tells me otherwise. I guess it'll just take LOGO to carry out their promise and make me a liar...we'll see.



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This is a travesty! Jensen Atwood was born to play Wade and I can't imagine someone else...specifically Shamaar Moore playing this part. Jensen, you have my 100% support to return as Wade! I have every faith that there WILL be a Noah's ARC movie. I also wrote to Logo and was assured that the movie would replace the 9-show season (which is already a jip!). The truth remains to be seen!

September 04, 2007 12:14 PM


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