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1 comments | Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You may be wondering what the deal is with the title of this post. Well it was my intention to write a full review on the BET Awards because I was sure it was going to be an amazing show, but this year I was extremely dissapointed. I wish they would have warned me that I could have switched the channel to LOGO and watched reruns of Queer As Folk for the thousandth time after the two Jennifers left the stage. It's a damn shame the opening number was the climax of the entire show, even despite Jennifer Hudson screwing up the timing and the lyrics to a song I'm sure she could sing in her sleep. What happened this year?

I was so dissapointed that I missed baby Janet's performance...I mean Ciara. I guess I'll have to catch it on youtube. Gone are the days when artists like Michael, Janet, Prince, LL, and even M.C. Hammer gave you a reason to tune in to watch these dreadfully long award shows. I found myself looking for any sign of Janet just to experience a little bit of excitement.I hope she's in the studio creating a masterpiece that will finally drive Beyonce into early retirement and silence all of the haters.

I can't believe BET got it wrong this year. I guess it was too much to ask of them seeing how they got it right on Meet The Faith last Sunday. The straights are still reeling from Keith Boykin and Sheryl Lee Ralph's performance and the good Bishops lack thereof. As for the BET Awards I guess there's always next year.



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I was ashamed that many could not present themselves correctly, we have loss our focus, all the effort and deaths that occurred for a common goal of freedom. Many entertainers of the old days had to come in the back door to perform as well as to eat, they could not stay at the hotels because they were (Negros) as they called us. But,what really is unfortunate is Motown created many that came from poverty, Mr. Grody made sure they were groomed, because they were a reflection of our people of color. We are being displayed now by those in power, just as we were once and still considered. When will we, cross the bridge together in dignity, understanding and pride but most of all not being driven to go back ward. A quote that fits the problem "If you can't recall the past you are condemned to repeat it". The Class of the Show was none other than Miss Diana Ross.

June 28, 2007 1:56 AM


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