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0 comments | Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Atlanta based choreographer Tramaine Renee is quicly making a name for herself in the Atlanta dance community.

I first met Tramaine when we were both dancing professionaly in LA. I had the privelege of dancing in my first Carnival at The Key Club on the Sunset Strip after accepting an invitation to dance in an original piece she choreographed. Since then we have become close friends and each other's loyal supporter.

I recently had an opportunity to see Tramaine at work on the set of singer Tori Alimaze's new video "Freaky Boys". Many of you may know Tori's single "Don't Cha" as performed by the Pussycat Dolls. She was actually the first person to record the hot single that has become a staple for the grammy nominated group.

Tramaine's unique teaching and choreography style is in high demand. Her master classes have exposed children and adults to her raw style from Atlanta to London. I conveniently had my digital camera in my pocket during my visit to the set, so you know what that means? I've got footage for you guys to enjoy of Tramaine, Tori, and her dancers in action.



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