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1 comments | Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fantasia's highly anticipated self titled album has finally been released and she does not dissapoint.

I've been a fan of Fantasia since the very beginning of her career on American Idol. I played her debut cd Free Yourself until it began skipping, not from mishandling it but from the continuous play. So you have to imagine how excited I was when my planned trip to Target was derailed when my best friend Bennie walked in with a copy of the cd for me.

Fantasia's new cd opens with the lead single "Hood Boy', a track that will definetely become the new club banger. A nice departure from the ballad heavy singles from the previous album. As a matter of fact Fantasia has quite a few uptempo tracks on this album. Baby Makin Hips, Not The Way I Do, and I'm Not That Type are hot tracks that could all be potential singles.

But the standout track that will no doubt catapult Fantasia to a more mature level in her career is without a doubt "I Nominate You". In it she asks her man to role play with her, "You be Denzel, it's your training day boy come and get me!"
It's a sexy ballad that Janet fans have come to know as "baby making songs".

Producers Missy Elliot, Sean Garret, and Bryan-Michael Cox have given her a classy hood sound that's all her own. Fantasia really shines on this latest effort. She may not be playing Effie in Dreamgirls but her powerhouse vocals should not be under estimated. I'm just waiting for her to release a gospel album and let all the kids have it !

Run out and buy this cd, you won't regret it.


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Who are you telling? This CD is CRAZY!!! I love almost every song. And you are not lyin'! I Nominate You makes me want to go find a man to get me pregnant! Fantasia did it. She is killin the game for me right now. My CD is already skippin'.

December 14, 2006 11:37 AM


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