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2 comments | Friday, September 08, 2006

Only 2 and a half more weeks to wait before the world gets to experience the new music on Janet's 20 Y.O. album. I'm expecting this album to do well and finally silence her critics as well as dethrone that chick from Texas who seems to be on TV everytime I turn it on and on the radio everytime I get into my car. Obviously no one on her team thinks too much too soon is a bad thing.

Anyway, I digress. Yesterday in an email from answers4dancers.com I learned that three of Janet's newly hired dancers had been replaced by three well known "celebrity" dancers. Brian Friedman , Nick Florez, and Kelly Konno, all who have danced for Janet in the past have reportedly replaced the newcomers.

The dance business in LA can be extremely cut throat, I know first hand because I was apart of it for 4 years. There's nothing worse than dancing your ass of at an audition, going through endless callbacks, experiencing the high of booking the job, only to be let go after the fact.

I remember booking a promo tour with Omarion right before the release of his first album, only to be dissapointed before the start of rehearsals when the producers decided they didn't want to pay the dancers what our agents requested, the standard rate!

I can only imagine what these dancers must be feeling right now. People from all over the country withdraw their savings just to pay for a plane ticket to audition for Janet, it's every dancer's dream, and after booking the job they're let go.

I can't wait to find out exactly why this has happened. The 3 day audition that was held in LA was done so in vain, Gil has hired his friends once again, stealing a wonderful opportunity from a hungry dancer that deserves it.

To be continued...


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

That girl from Texas..LOL I hope you know how I feel about her, and I hope Janey knows her right off the charts & radio..lol I cannopt wait...

September 09, 2006 9:03 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

ohh whatever, you know you loves you some Beyonce!...poppin your booty and carryin' on to "Get Me Bodied" in the car, don't even front! I will agree with you on one thing, though...I am ready for Janet to bring it hard so Ms. Texas can sit her ass down for a minute.

Blind favortism always sucks...it's too bad it's standard practice in the world of performing arts. C'est le vie. Regardless of the cards being stacked against a disconnected young dancer...if he/she is hungry enough and brings it hard enough, SOMEBODY is bound to notice. It just sucks that an unknown would have to work 5 times harder than a friend of a star who can get a handout or 'favor'.

September 09, 2006 10:39 PM


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