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0 comments | Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Los Angeles based In The Meantime Men's Group who brought us the amazing billboards featuring black SGL brothas with messages that I'm sure stopped people dead in their tracks as they walked and drove up Crenshaw Boulevard, are about to release what I think is their most impactful billboard yet.

"The lives of black gay men matter to God" Now what do you think about that? I'm still in awe of the message it sends, and how it was even reassuring to me as an SGL man who already knows this statement to be true, at least in my own life.

I wish this billboard could go up all over the country, but I'd be happy if we could just post it in George Bush's office.

Wishful thinking. E-mail the director of In The Meantime (Jeffrey King) and let him know your thoughts. I'm sure he would appreciate the feedback. inthemeantimemen@aol.com


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