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1 comments | Thursday, August 17, 2006

If you missed the final episode of So You Think You Can Dance last night then you missed a damn good show!

Not only did the very talented dancers from the second season of the hit show turn it out, but there were performances from Fergie and Ciara(more on her later).

Personally, I was rooting for Donyelle for many different reasons.
A. She is extremely talented and dances from deep inside.
B. Her technique is remarkable and she's versatile.
C. She defies all of the body type requirements that are forced upon professional dancers, especially girls.
D. She was the last sista standing !

In the end it was Benji with the kool -aid smile who won the contract to dance with Celine Dion , and receive the large cash award.

The highlight of the evening for me had to be Ciara's (Janet Jackson inspired) performance of her new single "Get Up" from the new movie Step Up . Ciara owned the stage, this performance could easily be considered the best of her career to date. She looked flawless, and although I'm sure she was lip-synching she sounded great and danced her ass off! It's obvious that she spent countless hours studying Ms. Jackson during her early years.

I've posted the performance below for those who missed it last night, enjoy!


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

Thanks u for posting the show! I love Ciara! She's my new girlfriend, lol.

August 23, 2006 9:33 AM


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