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0 comments | Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So I know I'm a little late with this post because I'm sure if you have LOGO then you've probably seen this episode of
U.S. of ANT .

I downloaded the Alabama episode today from iTunes and I was quite shocked to learn that their is an openly gay black minister with a thriving congregation(of mostly whites) ministering in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama.

This episode was of particular interest to me being that I grew up 100 miles away from Birmingham in Montgomery. The south does not have a history of being homo-tolerant or accepting of gays, so it was interesting to see those in the GLBT community create a safe space for themselves in a state that I ran away from as soon as I was given a chance.

The thing that I liked about this show is that although there is a lot wrong with the south and the bigoted mentality of the majority of the people who live there, there are people who love and embrace GLBT people for who they are and accept them as equals in their community.


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