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1 comments | Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well I knew it all along and now that Lance Bass' NSYNC days are over he is finally free to be the homosexual he was meant to be. All I can say is good for you Lance! I remember the weight that was lifted off my chest once I finally came out.

Lance says he is in a very stable relationship with "Amazing Race" winnerReichen Lehmkuhl. Rumors started swirling around Lance's sexuality when he was spotted in an Orlando gay nightclub. Former bandmate Joey Fatone was quoted as saying that"Lance had his full support". The two are actually pairing up to produce a sitcom based on The Odd Couple where one of the characters will be gay.

I wonder what Justin Timberlake has to say about all this? Does Lance's outing squash any chances of an NSYNC reunion? Do we ever really want to hear them sing "Bye, Bye, Bye again? Only the future will tell, but for now welcome to the club Lance !


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