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0 comments | Wednesday, December 03, 2008

There's two new black gay and lesbian films that will be screening at film festivals all over the country in 2009 or available just in time for Christmas on DVD that I think you should definitely be on the lookout for. One is from an American filmmaker from Los Angeles and the other is from a British filmmaker hailing from London.

First up is my new favorite, a lesbian film by writer/director Faith Trimel titled "Family". If black gay men feel they're underrepresented on the big screen then I can only imagine how black lesbians must feel. This is one of the reasons why I'm so excited about this project along with the intense storylines and strong acting.

"Family" is a coming-of-age story that is part drama, part comedy about a group of early thirties lesbian friends who have not disclosed their homosexuality in neither their personal nor professional lives. This denial jeopardizes both their mental well-being and intimate relationships; All of this converges at the same time, and the women are left feeling intimidated and overwhelmed until it is suggested that they forge pact to "come out" together within 30 days in every significant relationship and situation in their life; they believe that it will be easier leaning on each other for support. All the women eventually commit to the pact and the adventure ensues.

The story is set in contemporary California and introduces a diverse group of friends, lovers, and family. It is a timely piece that strives to be attuned to the pulse of the times as these people experience it. There is the richness of the friendship as they commune with each other for celebration and support. This group of friends experience loss and tragedy but are undaunted in their quest to live freely and abundantly while doing the best they can to evolve in their humanity. Issues of religion, sexuality, gender, homophobia, and prejudice are in the perimeter of this entertaining film.

Get into the trailers below:

Thanks Taylor!

If you tend to gravitate to the foreign film section during trips to Blockbuster like I do then you'll probably want to check out Rag Tag from British filmmaker Adaora Nwandu.

Rag Tag explores the surprising romance between two childhood friends Raymond and Tagbo who reunite in their adult life after being separated in their teens. Ten years later, Rag returns to find Tag. While some things have changed completely, others haven't at all. Rag and Tag still want to be together. But now twenty-three, Tag is just finishing law school and discovering how hard it is to find chambers that will take a young black man, despite his first class degree. What's more, Tag's white girlfriend Olivia, has a conventional background and an impressive law degree, but this isn't even good enough for Tag's father, who wants Tag to settle with a nice Nigerian woman. Read complete synopsis here.

Rag Tag will be available for purchase via the official website in mid December. You can sign up for up-to-date info on this film here.

Thanks Bronze Buckaroo


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