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0 comments | Thursday, November 20, 2008

You may remember me mentioning emerging black gay photographer and filmmaker David Barclay Moore's search for subjects for two documentaries centered around the lives of black LGBT individuals and their families earlier this year. David has since found his subjects and completed two great documentaries that are a must see. Both pieces were commissioned by The National Black Programming Consortium under The Masculinity Project.

Realness chronicles the life of Tika, a female- to- male transgender and her relationship with her girlfriend Nicki.

Moore lets the audience in on Tika’s transitioning while discussing views on black male privilege. Here we see a casual and intimate portrayal of a relationship confronting the very essence of the value of appearing male. Tika confesses that she is treated more equally, assertively, as a man while Nicki ultimately expresses some misgivings on the effect of the newly injected testosterone in their relationship.

Watch Realness here.

In Dr. Al's Rebels Moore explores the life of a black male couple running a soft-ball team and raising three young children. Nigel and his husband Dr. Al, the team sponsor, share fathers day and a day of sport in the park discussing their relationship, the uniqueness of their team, and the hurdles involved raising small children.

The images in Dr. Al's Rebel's of a married black gay couple with a family running a household was especially powerful and affirming for me as a black gay man. It's no secret that there are thousands of gay and lesbian couples who are in committed relationships with families of their own, unfortunately very rarely do we get to see these images in the media. Thanks David!

Watch Dr. Al's Rebel's here.


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