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3 comments | Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Transgender Female Beaten & Shot In One Year

Duanna Johnson, a transsexual who filed a lawsuit against the Memphis police after a February beating at the hands of an officer, was found shot to death in North Memphis late Sunday from a bullet wound to the head.

In June, she offered to settle the lawsuit against the city of Memphis and the Memphis Police Department, but the parties could not reach an agreement. View video. -Andresflava

Out 100 includes Denise Simmons and Michael Brewer

This was the year that Simmons became the first lesbian African-American mayor of Cambridge, Mass.—or any major American city, for that matter. She started out wanting to be a psychotherapist but got involved in politics after realizing that, rather than working with just one person at a time, she wanted to "influence a whole group of people."

It's not easy for anyone to be a student at Morehouse College, the only historically black all-male school in the country. With alumni that include the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., NAACP chairman Julian Bond, and Spike Lee, the mystique of the "Morehouse man" looms large—and it hasn't traditionally included openly gay students.

Six years ago one student beat another with a baseball bat because he thought a sexual advance was being made. Michael Brewer (center), a political science major, helped to organize a week of activities this past spring that was dubbed the "No More ‘No Homo' Initiative." Now the senior would like to organize a pride festival. Things have improved at the college, he says, but "there are still some brothers who need their paradigm shifted." -Out.com

Noah's Arc Jumping The Broom Disappointment In Dallas

Forty-five minutes before show time they discovered that Logo had sent the movie Jump the Broom without the soundtrack. Translation "NO MOVIE TONIGHT!!" Yep, that's right, we all paid $20.00 (a portion going towards HIV/AIDS services) for a weekend long event that was to include the Dallas showing of Jump the Broom. To say I and others were upset was to put it mildly.

People had driven from various parts of Texas for this special night, all for naught. I had rearranged my scheduled in order to be there last night. What we got was two cocktails, a gift bag, and the last three episodes of Noah's Arc Season II which I dare say everyone in the theater had already seen!- SGL Universe

Bow Wow Strips for "Threeway" Sex Scene in "Entourage"

After weeks of rumors surrounding Bow Wow's—oops, now known by his real name Shad Moss—much-promoted first filmed sex scene for HBO's formerly popular Entourage, the results were ... okay. See the video for yourself.

The set-up between the Bow Wow character doing a porn star while on a conference call with Ari and studio exec while —a threeway!—is tres' Altmanesque. As far as the alleged nudity and the "performance" is concerned ... meh. Something tells us Bow Wow would have been more inspired if he were in a different position. Or had a different partner. - Rod 2.0

Unknown Rapper Trick Trick's Claim To Fame: Gay Bashing -AllHIPHOP.com

Detroit rapper Trick Trick in an exclusive statement to AllHipHop.com expressed his disgust of the homosexual lifestyle, and explained that he doesn’t want any gay individuals to purchase his newly released sophomore album, The Villian.

“I’ma go on the record right now with this. Homosexuals are probably not gonna like this album,” Trick revealed to AllHipHop.com. “I don’t want your f**got money any goddamn way. I don’t like it [homosexuality]. Carry that s**t somewhere else.”

On the self-titled album track, Trick hurls vitriolic bars against gay activists Ellen DeGeneres and Rosie O’Donnell, referring to them as “dyke b**ches” and promising to send a “scud missile right through their f**king cruise ship.”

Regarding same-sex adoption, Trick Trick adamantly spits that “He goes both ways/Either way he’s gay/Ain’t no other way to say/He’s a f**king faggot so I’m lettin’ off my AK/Bust ‘em in his forehead/He ain’t worth lettin’ live/A man and man shouldn’t raise another man’s kids!”

Trick Trick is a close friend and collaborator with Detroit superstar Eminem.

This is obviously a calculated stunt on behalf of an obscure and homophobic rapper who is attempting to use hate to further his career. Thankfully it's 2008 and even hip-hop fans who are accustomed to homophobic rap lyrics are acknowledging that it's a new day and this BS doesn't fly anymore. Check out this weak ass rapper and professed "Christian" in action here.

National Day of Protest Against H8

November 4th was a bitter-sweet celebration. We came together to witness the first black man who will become our president, yet watched in sadness as Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, and California all voted down equal rights for all citizens.

This is not a 4 state issue. This is an issue of equality across America. Stand up and make your voice heard.

A national day of protests against Prop 8 are scheduled in all 50 states this coming Saturday. If you're in Georgia please join me and thousands of other LGBT folks and our allies as we march and protest downtown for marriage equality. Click here for details on protests in your state.

2008 Nightlife Coverboy of the Year Contest

Metro Weekly, Washington D.C.'s LGBT newspaper is giving you an opportunity to choose a winner in their Annual Nightlife Coverboy of The Year competition, and their is no shortage of hot men of color. Now I understand why they call D.C. "Chocolate City"!

Keith Olbermann,Tony Perkins, Lisa Bloom, Arnold Schwarzenegger on Prop 8


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

I don't know about the USA, but here in the UK if someone made public comments about gay people such as Trick trick has (i.e “He’s a f**king faggot so I’m lettin’ off my AK/Bust ‘em in his forehead/He ain’t worth lettin’ live”) he would be reported to the Police.

They would then have no option but to investigate and most likely it would be viewed as 'incitement to murder'. If this is the case they would have to act on this crime.

Trick Trick now stands no chance of being able to enter the UK to do any concerts or promotion. With these public pronouncements and lyrics he would be barred as 'undesirable'.

More here: http://www.titipu.demon.co.uk/submissions/rap.htm

Other than that, if he has to use this as a promotional tool, it has a lot to say about the quality of his music! What a loser...

November 11, 2008 6:21 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

In the words of my bestfriend..."Who is he and what does he do?". Who is this trick trick guy and where the hell did he come from? And why was it important for him to do an interview in the first place?

November 11, 2008 6:52 PM

<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

I was just wondering why this Trick guy felt it necessary to announce this crap to the world though? THIS IS JUST SOOOO TIRED!!!

November 12, 2008 5:53 AM


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