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0 comments | Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Joy Behar had the privilege of scoring the second primetime interview with newly out CNN anchor Don Lemon last night on HLN. Lemon revealed his reasons for coming out, the reaction from co-workers and fans and why it's incredibly difficult to come out in the black community. Not surprisingly, the conversation turned towards the down-low, thankfully Lemon handled the topic perfectly.

In related news, author and activist Herndon Davis reports on the "virtual blackout" regarding Lemon's coming out story in the black press and offers up this question as food for thought:

"If Black America could embrace, accept and defend a convicted dog fighter, a suspected murderer and suspected pedophiles in the name of Michael Vick, OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson and R. Kelly then why could it not further embrace, accept and defend an educated, articulate, highly visible and very successful cable news anchor in the name of Don Lemon? So far black community praise for Don Lemon's coming out has been lukewarm to tepid to say the least. Although lauded within black lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) circles, his monumental step has barely registered a peep on black mainstream media radars."

Watch Don Lemon on The Joy Behar Show in the clip below:


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