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0 comments | Monday, May 09, 2011

Veteran Broadway performer and activist Cornelius Jones stars in a new PSA for hivtestnow.org currently airing on LOGO. Jones starred as Simba in Disney's The Lion King on Broadway and speaks on one of his most challenging roles to date: living with HIV.

"As an actor I'm constantly pushing myself...playing new parts and embodying different characters. In life I take on many roles as well; artist, mentor, and humanitarian. But perhaps the most challenging role yet is being HIV positive. But because I know my status I remain disciplined. I stay fit, I stay strong, and I stay balanced. I try to live life fully and openly. Get tested and know your status."

Love the message and the messenger. You may recall reading about Jones on loldarian.com back in 2009 during the debut of his one-man show Flag Boy, a theatrical event chronicling his experiences as a black gay man.

Watch Cornelius Jones in the PSA below:


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