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1 comments | Friday, December 03, 2010

Brian Slade, the gospel artist formerly known as Tonex' has taken New York City by storm this week. The amazing vocalist performed to a sold-out crowd last night at popular venue Joe's Pub in downtown Manhattan.

On the heels of his successful mixtapes "A Brilliant Catastrophe" Alpha and Beta, Slade worked the audience into a frenzy with his amazing vocal acrobatics and the authenticity in his music and stage persona.

Rev. Kevin E. Taylor pastor of Unity Fellowship in New Brunswick, New Jersey was in attendance and shares his thoughts via Facebook: "This is what the industry has always been afraid of, an artist who is alive and present in his skin. This man scares me he's so gifted!"

A lifelong Janet Jackson fan, Slade surprised the audience with his own rendition of "I Get Lonely" and "Feedback" along with cuts from his recent mixtape including the Sylvester inspired "Get Over You". Slade brought down the house earlier this week with the same track at Splash nightclub and provided fodder for gossip blogs who were unaware that the former gospel singer had already disclosed his sexual orientation and begun a new chapter in his life and career.

The world may not be ready for this type of artistry since we've been saturated with mediocre talent on radio and television, but they better get ready...B. Slade is in the building!

Check out photos from Splash via Trevon James here.

Download A Brilliant Catastrophe Alpha and Beta for free here.

Watch B. Slade perform "BSFF", "Get Over You" and "I Get Lonely" at Joe's Pub in the videos below via Anthony Williams:


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AWESOME! Sure wish I could have been there.

December 05, 2010 6:06 PM


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