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0 comments | Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Now for one of the most ridiculous stories you may come across today courtesy of our favorite "ex-gay" (next to Donnie McClurkin) Pastor DL Foster of the virulently anti-gay website Gay Christian Movement Watch.

Foster has posted a series of videos to his website observing the 20th anniversary of his exit from the "lifestyle". What lifestyle is he referring to? I'm glad you asked. "You know it's all about the sex, parties, clubs and the friends and being seen", says Foster.

After an 11 year stint as a depressed and lonely practicing homosexual(cause deep down we're all lonely) Foster is now married with four kids and a wife and has completed the transition to full blown heterosexuality. He now spends his life spiritually assaulting the community he was once apart of and insisting that gays and lesbians do not have a relationship with Christ. And of course it's all done in the name of God.

Let's all congratulate DL(not to be confused with down low-although appropriate) on 20 years of conforming and self- loathing. Watch part one of his never ending testimony below:


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