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1 comments | Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The consistently visually stunning Obvious Magazine has just released it's latest fashion issue online amidst a small controversy among some of it's readers.

The glam magazine bills itself as a fashion & lifestyle publication for both men and women with tips, how-to's and the latest information about relationships, empowerment, trends and self-improvement. The magazine does not exclusively cater to the LGBT community. And according to some, the latest spread featuring twins Andrew & Alex Harris shot by Hollywood photographer Jerris Madison is obviously anything but heterosexual.

Obvious Magazine West Coast editor Eddington Howard offered this quote on the concept for the shoot; "I wanted them to keep a level of innocence without compromising their bond."

The readers weigh in:

Samer: models are gorgeous.... poses may come off a little homoish?

Syreeta: agreed! I expected a little bit more for these 2.... decent but I don't think that people will get the right idea about these 2, may be appealing to a certain crowd

Serg: innocence? innocent enough for some man to... i agree, would have expected a little more, c'mon now, there are TWO of them! Ladies do not want to see them touching each other!

Devin: This is fashion people.In fashion there are concepts.Think outside the box.

Right Devin. Uhmm...this is 2009 right? For some reason I felt as if I'd been transported back to a different era when images of men embracing weren't readily available for viewing by the mainstream. I wonder if any of these people have watched professional sports lately? There's plenty of man-on-man ass slapping and embracing going on. SMH.

If you're not familiar with Obvious Magazine then get in the know and check them out here.


<$BlogCommentAuthor$> said...

So, some people interpreted the photo layout as homoerotic?

I would be more concerned about the individual who thought that when the cover of the magazine clearly stated that the two models are TWIN BROTHERS!!

YIKES!! Incest anyone?

Personally for me, I don't see anything wrong the photos.
The concept or theme (whatever it may be) is quite tame, I didn’t see anything alluding to eroticism at all.

I think when it comes to male modeling, the lines are drawn so tightly as to what men can do, that anything remotely artistically experimental or expressive will always find its way being deemed as "homosexual" in some form or fashion.

The underlying message here is that these photos contrast with the constringent boundaries of what constitutes the definition of mainstream male masculinity.

Those boundaries are being challenged, so naturally there is going to be some resistance.

Speaking of eroticism, how about those Abercrombie & Fitch Ads?????

Hell, that’s soft core porn at it's finest baby!

October 14, 2009 12:51 PM


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