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0 comments | Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yesterday we profiled the amazing speeches by NAACP Chairman Julian Bond and lesbian poet and performance artist Staceyann Chin from last weekend's National Equality March in D.C., but I'd be remiss not to share with you Aiyi'nah Ford's electrifying speech.

You may remember reading about Ford on this blog in August during a protest she staged along with a group of gay and lesbian couples when she and her partner were ejected from Tastee Diner in Silver, Spring Maryland for sharing a simple embrace.

"Her speech was . . . blistering", notes blogger AKA William. I don’t know how else to describe it. Invoking everyone from Anne Frank to Muslims to seniors to victims of bullies, she delivered a powerful and rousing demand for justice.'

From her speech:

Most of our activists, they don’t live to fight the fight. Now to you I say, activism has many faces. It’s not just belonging to an organization, marching, or chanting. In fact, the most effective activism is claiming your own truth.

While it’s nice to stand among the multitude, waving rainbow flags, protest signage abounding, how will you act when you are left alone with the company of your own consciousness? Will you stand as proud and as strong as the thousands of the people who have gathered here today? Or will you stand idle and let the idiosyncrasies of inequality prevail?”

Ford is definitely an activist to watch. This young woman is powerful.

Get into the video below:


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