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| Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update: The ad has been removed. Now I need to find some Advil for the headache I got in the process.

A few of you have e-mailed me about the troubling anti- marriage equality ad that is being displayed on the blog and I'd like to take a minute to reaffirm my support for marriage equality as well as explain why the ad appears. This is a common problem that many gay bloggers run into who utilize Google AdSense as we have very little control over the ads that appear on our sites. All ads are supposed to mirror the content of the blog but as you can see this doesn't always happen.

Now a word about comments. This blog is designed for open dialogue and comments are strongly encouraged. However, due to the number of racist and homophobic comments that I have to moderate on a daily basis offenders who have nothing meaningful to bring to the discussion will be rejected and/or banned. And FYI: You can save the e-mail cries of censorship and personal attacks. Take a minute and read what it says at the top of the blog. "Living Out Loud with Darian".

Thank you guys for being apart of this journey with me.