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| Friday, May 29, 2009

Ciara Covers HX:

Ciara on becoming a gay icon: I would love it if people said I was an icon period. A fan is a fan to me. It’s a blessing no matter your race or gender, whether you’re gay, lesbian or whatever. I live for inspiring people and seeing them rock to my music.

On what it would take to become a Ciara drag queen: Well, you got to work it, honey. You got to know how to hit the floor, tip it off, get buck and whoop your head nice and hard. Glam it up, but don’t over-glam it. And just go hard.

Anti-Gay "Journalist" Dragged Kicking And Screaming From Air Force One

RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bebe Zahara Benet gets here life at Splash NYC

MondoHomo 2009: Can Gay Hip-Hop Be Taken Seriously?

Planet Ill writer Shelby Powell offers a straight perspective on the gay hip-hop movement:

"The desire to crossover in many of these artists seems to be waning though. The long-fought battle has been relatively fruitless, relegating the musicians to gay underground status and producing the occasional lyrical pot shot at the lameness of radio friendly Hip-Hop. Most seem to have come to the realization that acceptance from throngs of straight Hip-Hop lovers is beyond their grasp; hence their targeting of fans within their own community. However, a quick trip through a fantasy land where rappers are judged solely on ability would put some of these folks at the top of the Hip Hop food chain. Feel how you want about their “lifestyle choice,” the bottom line is some of these emcees are just dope."

DioGuardi: Adam Lambert Was Always Out

Gay L.A. Teen Crowned Prom Queen

Anti-gay ministers seek D.C. marriage referendum

Alexander Robinson steps down from post at the National Black Justice Coalition

After five years as executive director, Alexander Robinson is departing the National Black Justice Coalition, the sole national civil rights organization for black LGBTs. His tenure ends in June.Stepping in as interim executive director is the highly respected Dr. Sylvia Rhue.

Chicago: 30% of Black MSM are HIV+

The New York Times Online Tribute to Octavia St. Laurent Mizrahi

Obama Jokes About Gay Protesters: "Promise? What Promise?"

Is new Pop group Richgirl the new Destiny's Child? That remains to be seen but they're debut single "He Ain't With Me Now (Tho) is hot!

Blogger Shawn QT Reacts to Spectacular of Pretty Ricky's Striptease Video

Don't act like you haven't already seen this video! LMAO! Don't you just love it when Power Twink Bottoms masquerading as straight boys post homoerotic videos on YouTube? If you've been living underneath a rock this week and haven't seen this viral video sensation then it's too late, it's been removed from YouTube. However, Shawn QT'S reaction video is still hilarious!