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| Friday, May 01, 2009

Gay Soldier, Anthony Woods, To Run For Congress

Decorated veteran,Anthony Woods, came out to his commanding officers during his second year at John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. After two tours in Iraq and a bronze metal, Woods was honorably discharged from the Army on the grounds of "moral and professional dereliction" under the U.S. military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Woods is considered to be a strong candidate for a potentially vacated congressional seat in the 10th Congressional District of California.

Russell Simmons' Open Letter To Gov. Patterson Supporting Marriage Equality

I write this letter to you, my friend, to publicly announce my gratitude for your courage and leadership on issues that will ultimately make this state, nation and the world a better place. ...

...as your friend and supporter, we know you can do much more, if you forget about what the poll numbers say and let your heart lead. You have recently done this in showing support for the legalization of gay marriage. History will show you are right and will we support you on this issue.

Author E. Lynn Harris Stands Up in Fight Against AIDS in Black America

Fifteen years ago, author E. Lynn Harris published his first novel “Invisible Life.” That bestselling novel – and the 11 others that followed – have helped to forever shift the way African Americans view the complicated connections between race, sexuality and spirituality.

All this week, Harris expands his pioneering literary work by advocating on behalf of Black America for the increased nationwide funding of HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and awareness within black communities. As part of Harris' brand new awareness HIV/AIDS initiative, he will participate in the 17th annual AIDSWATCH convening in Washington, DC.

Dwight DeLee, Accused Murderer of Transgender Woman Lateisha Greene Trial To Start June 11

Leon Lopez Stars In tick...tick...Boom! On The West End Stage

British actor and loldarian.com favorite Leon Lopez last seen on the London stage as Tom Collins in RENT will return in tick...tick...Boom!. "Boom" was also penned by the late Jonathan Larson, Pulitzer Prize winning composer of the Broadway musical RENT. Performances run from May 13-17.If you're in London and you want to see Mr. Lopez up close and personal then click here.

Video: No Air

Shahid Manning & Roaul Gandy gives us a different spin on Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks' video for their hit song No Air. Lots of same gender loving affection after the jump. May not be suitable for work. Take a deep breath and then click here.

Simon Cowell talks to TV Guide about Adam Lambert’s sexuality and chances for stardom

Q. Adam seems completely unfazed by the stories about his sexuality. Do you think America’s finally gotten beyond that?

Simon: “I think people only get bothered really when they know somebody’s hiding something. (laughs) We’ve had that in the past! We’ve obviously never had an issue with it, and nor should anybody else. It’s a huge step forward for the show. It’s just, do you like him as a person, as a singer, full stop.”

Q. Can Adam be a star?

Simon: “One hundred percent. He’s somebody who should be selling records all over the world. He’s that good. He could sing the phone book, and a lot of producers will want to work with him.”

Four Former Chicago Women Among the First Married in Iowa

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown pens a beautiful profile of two black lesbian couples from Chicago's South Side who recently moved to Iowa. The four women were "among the first" gay and lesbian couples who married in Iowa yesterday. Kentaindra Scarver (left) and Veronica Spann are seen above.

ABC News/Washington Post Poll: 49% Support Marriage Equality

Maine Senate Votes 20 to 15 in Favor of Marriage Equality

Must See: Gotta Get Wed

Two straight college students and same-sex marriage supporters have taken their message of equality to the masses via YouTube in this amazing and memorable video. Get into it here!